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Hello, well met fellow INFJs! There is always a first time for everything, we say and this is a first time for me. Owing to my date of birth, I was born in an era of face to face, verbal communnication. You had so many possibilities to read your contact and even then, you could find that you had read those guys oh so wrong!!!! Did you read them wrong! No, you did not but you read off the song sheet that they wanted you to read off. Not their genuine blueprint of themselves! You were duped by their actings skills, were you not and you have been wondering where that guy went. HE was the fake, was HE not?

I have a trail of narcissists in my life that have created an inner vulnerability, through my writing of my life story I can see that. I fear to trust men now. I find myself with no suitable contacts and now begin to do as so many undervalued and overlooked poor, lonely souls.

I am clinging by a thread and need support. I so need to get the ASSERTIVE back into me again. I try to find like minded people who I can communicate with and build ongoing friendships with. I have no continuity in any relationship anymore. I am not a hamster who can be content with having the same conversation every time I get together with others.

I am looking out into the wide world of internet and trying to tune in to a space that may be safe. Safe from fakes and ill meaning people. I fear not being able to look into a persons eyes or hear their voice. I FEEL people. I can hear people! Without those two senses to guide me, I wonder what a narcissist could do on paper!!

I have come to this community because of the female element. Of course we could all be faking but I am going to have to take that chance and place my faith in everyone´s good intentions. My intentions are all good. I crave communication but regular communication that can pick up where it left off. I am looking to build friendship from a distance.

I have no prejudices or preferences. I am looking for sincerity and honesty. Vision and understanding of matters which are of crucial importance to all of us, one way or another. I need not only to know that I am not alone but not to FEEL that I am alone.

Today is my first day as a member and I will spend time looking and reading Sarah´s blog posts and the comments posted. I am a writer by birth. No, I am a talker by birth and in lieu of talking, I write. Because really I am just talking to the paper!!

I look forward to sharing things of meaning and be able to discuss some of the big issues that plague our lives and the world that we live in. I am a very deep, deep and passionate INFJ. I never find any to reciprocate in those areas which I feel so passionately about, which are the planet Earth and all that lives upon it!

I hope that today is the beginning of some quality communication and exchanges of much interest between all of us INFJs.

Well done to you Sarah, for your choice to begin this community. I look forward to knowing much more about you all.

Kristen Joy


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