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10 Reasons I’m Thankful for My INFJ Personality

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

As an INFJ it’s easy to get caught up thinking about why I’m different from everyone else and all the areas that I feel that I am lacking in or need to improve. But it’s the time of year to think about what I’m thankful for, so in true INFJ fashion I decided to make a list.

1. Intuition

The INFJ intuition is a powerful tool. It helps keep us away from people that are bad for us and leads us in the right direction in our lives. When you pay attention to it and use it frequently, it will be great little buddy that will keep you on the straight and narrow.

2. Thinking & Feeling

As INFJs we use both reason and feeling. We can see the logical side of things, but we can also see the emotional side as well. And though it can be a pain to go back and forth between them, it’s nice to be able to see both sides of things.

3. Relating to others

Seeing both sides of things also helps us relate to others. We have this amazing ability to understand those around us, even when we know very little about them. We can see things from their point of view and help them out if we feel like it too.

4. Comfort in being alone

I’ve met plenty of people in my life that just cannot stand to be alone. They feel sorry for me because I like to be alone. I don’t understand that. I feel sorry for them because they don’t see the value in spending time alone. It’s my favorite way to spend time!

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than alone on my couch with my computer, TV and snackies. Nothing makes me happier!

I love that as an INFJ I am very comfortable being alone. It gives me the space to wait for the people who are right for me and my life, rather than grasp at anyone who will give me attention.

5. Problem solving ability

INFJs have an amazing ability to solve problems, the more complicated the better. We use our intuition and our natural ability to see everything so quickly to see what is wrong in a situation and how to fix it quickly and efficiently.

6. Dreams

I love to dream. The inside of my head is my favorite place in the whole world. I can be anything there and do anything there. There are no limits. There is no one telling me that I can’t do something or that it’s unrealistic. It’s wide open for me to explore all kinds of possibilities.

7. Doing ability

As INFJs, not only do we have an amazing ability to dream, but we also have the ability to put those dreams into action. We know the steps that it will take to make our dreams come true and we do them. We go after things with a determination that makes others stop and stare!

8. Incredible drive

That drive to get things done sets us apart from others. We have an amazing determination to make things happen. And when we hit a brick wall, we start thinking and exploring all the other possibilities until we find a solution. Maybe you can’t go through the brick wall, but maybe you can go under it or over it or around it. Maybe you can build a ladder to get over it. So many possibilities.

9. Creativity

INFJs are also very creative. We use our creativity in lots of ways, to solve problems with friends and family, to get ourselves out of sticky situations, to figure out how to go after our dreams… So many possibilities!

I also love to use that creativity to make things beautiful. I am a graphic designer and an artist at heart. I love taking something plain and making it look amazing!

10. All the other INFJs out there

This is the most important to me: I am so thankful for you! I spent so many years feeling like I was all alone in the world. I know that I am so different from everyone else. No one has ever understood me or related to me, though I can relate to them so well.

When I realized that I was INFJ I went looking for a community of people that were like me and I couldn’t find one. So I decided to build one. I put some things out there on Instagram and this blog and you showed up. And you keep showing up.

You make me feel like I belong somewhere, like I am not alone or so different from everyone else. I can’t tell you how much it helps me to know that you are the same as me, that you understand and just know.

Thank you. Thank you for being here and showing up and making me and so many others feel seen and heard and understood.

Are you an INFJ?

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