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10 Things INFJs Crave Every Day

Hey there, lovelies. Let's gather around and talk about something that resonates deeply within me—our beloved INFJs. As one of these beautiful souls, with my intricate heart and mind, I often find myself craving a world that feels just out of reach. If you're an INFJ or you have one in your life, this post is for you. Let’s dive into the ten things that INFJs crave every single day.

1. Deep, Meaningful Connections

INFJs don’t do small talk. They thrive on deep, soul-touching conversations that make their hearts sing. They crave the kind of connection that feels like coming home. It’s those late-night talks, those moments of vulnerability and truth, where masks come off and souls meet.

2. Authenticity

INFJs have a radar for inauthenticity. They crave people who are unapologetically themselves. They want raw, real, messy authenticity over polished perfection. Because in a world that often feels fake, they need to see the real you to feel seen themselves.

3. Solitude

As much as INFJs love deep connections, they equally crave their alone time. Solitude is their sanctuary. It’s where they recharge, reflect, and reconnect with themselves. It’s not about being antisocial; it’s about nurturing their souls in the quiet spaces.

4. Purpose

INFJs are driven by a profound sense of purpose. They need to feel like their lives have meaning, that they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves. They crave a sense of direction, a cause to champion, a mission to fulfill.

5. Understanding

INFJs often feel misunderstood, like they’re speaking a language only a few can comprehend. They crave understanding, someone who gets their complexities, their contradictions, their depth. They need to feel known and accepted for who they truly are.

6. Creativity

Creativity is the lifeblood of an INFJ’s soul. They crave the freedom to express themselves through art, writing, music, or any form of creative endeavor. It’s their way of making sense of the world, of communicating their inner truths.

7. Peace

In a chaotic world, INFJs long for peace. Not just external peace, but inner peace. They crave a calm, serene environment where they can feel at ease, where their sensitive souls can breathe. It’s the quiet corners, the nature walks, the meditative moments that restore them.

8. Empathy

INFJs are natural empaths, but they also need empathy in return. They crave people who can sit with them in their feelings, who can offer a listening ear and a compassionate heart. It’s the mutual exchange of understanding and care that they long for.

9. Growth

INFJs are always striving to grow, to become the best versions of themselves. They crave personal development, learning, and transformation. Stagnation feels like a slow death to them. They need to feel like they’re evolving, becoming more aligned with their true selves.

10. Hope

Above all, INFJs crave hope. They need to believe that things can get better, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. They crave stories of resilience, of triumph, of love conquering all. Hope is their guiding star, the force that keeps them moving forward even in the darkest times.

So, my beautiful INFJs, hold on to these cravings. They are not weaknesses; they are your strengths. They make you the compassionate, insightful, and profoundly loving beings that you are. And for those of you who have an INFJ in your life, honor their cravings. Create a space where they can flourish, where their deep souls can find the nourishment they need.

Because when an INFJ feels seen, understood, and loved, they can change the world. And isn't that what we all need right now? More world-changers, more heart-led warriors, more authentic, hope-filled souls. Yes, we do. So, let’s cherish our INFJs and the beautiful cravings that make them who they are.

Keep living, loving, and craving, my friends.

With love,


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1 Comment

Thank you Sarah. I love reading you're articles. I will add Independace though. As an INFJ which I found out the hard way trying to make sense of my oh so confusing world, I crave Independace.

I don't like asking people for anything because there always seem to be a string attached.

Authenticity and solitude is my next craving. I really get upset when people doubt my info or intentions. Because it honestly given with no strings tagged.

Give and it will return, my motto. Unfortunately there are those who don't see the effort as selfless.


Sharna Wolfaardt

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