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15 INFJ Characters in Movies, TV Shows & Books

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Even though INFJs are very rare, some of them are hiding in plain sight! There are many characters that you may be familiar with that are more or less INFJ. Unfortunately, not all of them are perfect. They have flaws, as we all do. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite INFJ characters.

*Before we get started I just want to say that there is ALWAYS debate about who is what personality type. Some of us, me included, had a hard enough time figuring out our own personality types. I found multiple conflicting reports for most of the characters listed here, but I used my best judgment, as I hope you will too before you decide to write and tell me how wrong I am about Elizabeth Bennet and how she must be ENFP because she was excited about going to the ball. It’s meant to be fun though and get you thinking. That’s all.*

**Also – spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the movies, shows or read the books – you’ve been warned!


You’ve Got Mail is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’ve seen it at least a thousand times. I love Kathleen’s life: her cozy apartment in New York City, love of fancy coffee, amazing book store and writer boyfriend. I also love that she loves to spar with Joe Fox and that she stands her ground. And even in the midst of failure she picks herself up and dreams a new dream.

I love this movie and I hate it. I see myself in it. I have made it through hell, but am not quite to the other side yet. Chris resonates with me because he just won’t give up. He keeps going back and keeps finding a way to make it work. No matter what comes at him he keeps going, all the while making sure his son has what he needs and has the best education that he possibly can.

Harley is in the business of helping people, working for an asylum. She falls hopelessly in love with the Joker and does everything she can to help him. Even though he treats her poorly, even trying to kill her at one point, she is still loyal to him and convinced he loves her.

The Don is in charge of so much, yet he still takes care of people, he’s still concerned about their welfare. He’s smart enough to know that his younger son is more fit to take over his position. He thinks with his head and his heart.

He’s ruthless as well. We INFJs don’t really like to talk about this trait, but it’s true. We can get down to business when we need too.

Andy feels like an INFJ because she has big dreams and a plan. She knows what she needs to do to get what she wants. So she takes a job that she hates, with a nasty boss and makes it work. Not only is she absolutely amazing at her job, able to figure things out as she goes, but she takes on a whole new personality while she is there. Then she realizes that it’s not her and starts over. She’s can’t live a life that is not authentic.


Do you hate your job, but don’t know what to do instead?

I have felt the same way. Everything changed for me when I found my purpose, the reason that I was put on this Earth. You can find your purpose too!


TV Shows

As much as I want Meredith to be INFJ I don’t think she is, though I love that she is so dark and twisty. This is probably the only show that I have watched through so much heartbreak and so much change, but I keep showing up.

I have to say that I never really liked Karev until recently. He is attracted to broken people like a magnet. He’s great at helping them and still managing to keep going in the midst of hell.

I thought he was awful at first, wanting to be all McSteamy and plastics. But then Arizona came along and he has been all about the babies since. He’s also Meredith’s counselor.

And Dr. Webber is the backbone of the hospital. He’s the one everyone goes to for advice, not just because he has been there forever, but because he knows things. And he can adapt to whoever is in front of him needing advice.

Just in case you were wondering: Meredith – ENTP & McDreamy – ENFP, which totally makes McDreamy completely perfect, may he rest in peace.

I LOVE Anna and Mr. Bates! They are my favorite storyline of Downton Abbey. I can see Mr. Bates being INFJ because he is very loyal and wants to help everyone. He would rather take the blame for something that he didn’t do than ask for help. Also, he went to great lengths to fix his injured leg also without asking for help. He’s very resourceful and crafty when he needs to be.

Luke is such a sweet person. He puts up with such craziness from Lorelai but also is always there for her, even when she is not the best to him. He also speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to let her walk all over him. But he cares. He’s always there.

Nick is a great crime scene investigator, but he sometimes lets his emotions get in the way. I relate to him because I had thought myself about being a CSI, but realized, before I got in too deep, that it wasn’t for me. There is no way that I would be able to separate how I feel from that kind of work.

He also had the thing with the girl. He tried to save her. We can’t fault him for that.

Pam is super sweet. I love that she works hard, but also has bigger dreams. I really feel like she stayed just for Jim. But who wouldn’t? Their relationship is pretty amazing! Even still, she fought for a better job and is usually the voice of reason.

Randall has an amazing heart. He gives so much to his family, his siblings and his parents. He’s the glue that holds everything together. Because of that, he suffers sometimes. But he’s always able to pull it all back together.

He takes care of his biological dad, even though the guy abandoned him at birth. He also goes out of his way to see his point of view. Then, instead of walking away after his dad passes away, he buys the building where he lived to continue helping people. I mean, come on! This guy is pretty amazing.

I’m not going to lie. Glen was my favorite character from TWD. I kinda lost interest in it after he was gone. I love that he cares so much for Maggie. It was awkward for sure at the beginning, but they made it through so much! He was a fighter too and able to figure out some intense situations. Such INFJ traits.


Elizabeth Bennett is my favorite character ever written. I love that she is so smart and quick-witted. Every time someone compares me to her it’s a great compliment.

She’s so hopeful when she first meets Mr. Darcy, only to overhear him say something nasty about her and it hurt her deeply. Even after that, though, she was able to see his true character and change her mind about him.

She also refused to settle for her cousin as a husband. While it was common in that time period to marry your cousin because of money and the estate, she refused. She wasn’t afraid to face fear. She wanted more and didn’t give up until she got it. I love that about her.

I mean, she can see the future. Need I say more?

She’s constantly watching out for her family and going above and beyond for what they need. She loves nice things, cars, clothes, you name it. She has to have the best.

I love her relationship with Jasper. It’s like they were made for each other. He was so broken when she found him and she loved him enough to put him back together – not something I suggest in real life.

She has a special bond with Edward, who is INFP. Granted their bond is a lot stronger because she can see the future and he can read her thoughts, but still. They are both amazing souls who care a lot for their family and are always thinking of others.

Also, when Bella comes into the family Alice is there to be her best friend and make her feel comfortable. She doesn’t care that Bella is different. She just accepts her as she is.


I love running across INFJ characters in literature and film. I love seeing different versions of INFJs. We tend to think that we are all alike, but that is not the case at all. We are all similar, but we have grown up with different influences and different issues. Plus INFJ characters are really only as good as their writers.

Are there any INFJ characters that I missed? I would love to hear about them and why you think they are INFJ!


I looked around a lot for confirmation, but like I said before, lots of conflicting opinions. Here’s where some of them came from though.

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24 Μαΐ 2022

If Pam Beasley is an INFJ ( and it seems to me that she is), what type is Jim Halpert? Also, Oscar, Phyllis, Angela, et al?

I think Jim is an ISFP or INFP. Angela is an ISTJ; Dwight is an ENTJ. Oscar is an INTJ. Kelly seems like an ESFP.

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