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15 Signs You’re an INFJ

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

15 Signs You’re an INFJ

The INFJ is the rarest of the 16 personality types, with women INFJs the rarest of all. They are sensitive, friendly and highly intuitive. But how do you know if you are really one of them? Here’s how to spot an INFJ. If you relate to the 15 signs below, you could be one of those rare ones.

1. You never felt like you fit in

You may struggle to make friends, because it’s hard to relate to people. You just aren’t like any of them. Even if you do have friends, you find yourself trying to be more like them to fit in, rather than just being yourself, like everyone else seems to be able to do.

2. You feel more comfortable with plans

You don’t need detailed plans for everything, but having at least a rough idea of what’s going on puts you at ease.

3. You are talkative and shy at the same time

People often mistake you for an extrovert because you have the ability to appear extroverted. If the situation calls for it you can be chatty and bubbly, though this does not come naturally to you and you are not always comfortable doing it.

Your normal mode is shy though. You like to observe a situation before you jump in.

4. You give great advice

A lot of your friends come to you when they need advice. You are skilled at helping them figure their own problems out rather than just telling them what to do.

5. You need alone time

You recharge by spending time alone. This time is not optional, but crucial to your well-being and to the well-being of those around you as well.

6. You also need friends

While you enjoy spending time alone, you need a friend or two to hang out with every once in a while. You crave that human connection from time to time.

7. You know what a door slam is and how to use it

The door slam is the way that INFJs remove toxic people from their life. INFJs will give their friends and loved ones many chances, probably too many sometimes. But once they have been betrayed or hurt beyond repair they will suddenly and completely remove that person from their lives, blocking all forms of contact and communication.

8. You are a people pleaser

You think about other people before you think about yourself. It is more important for you to make sure that everyone else is happy before you consider your own happiness or comfort.

9. You have a lot of empathy

You don’t just sympathize with other people’s problems, you empathize with them. You have the ability to feel their pain and understand what they are going through like it was your own pain.

10. You’re not fooled by the fake


You can tell when people are being fake, even if no one else can. You just know. It’s all about that intuition.

11. Your intuition is your favorite superpower

Your intuition is a strong, guiding force in your life. You know things. You don’t know how you know them, but you do. Sometimes it’s a sudden feeling, sometimes it’s a flash of the future, but more times than not, you’re right.

12. You are looking for your purpose

You believe that you were put on this Earth to do something really special, something really meaningful and grand. But you don’t know what it is.

13. You are constantly trying to be better

You see room for improvement in everything you do and are. You are constantly striving for that perfection you see in your dreams.

14. You are drawn to high quality things

You like expensive things. You like fine dining and luxury hotels. You would rather have one expensive dress than 5 less expensive ones.

15. You believe in the impossible

You love to dream impossible dreams and then make those dreams a reality. You believe that anything you dream can come true if you work hard enough for it.

“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Alice in Wonderland

~ Alice

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15 Signs You’re an INFJ
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