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7 Reasons Why INFJs are Amazing Investigators

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

7 Reasons Why INFJs are Amazing Investigators

7 Reasons Why INFJs are Amazing Investigators

INFJs are amazing investigators. our primary function, Introverted Intuition, helps see things add a lot of people miss and helps us piece things together end to next dogs that most people won’t. We use a wicked combination of logic and emotions to figure out what’s really going on and get the best answer possible. Let’s take a detailed look at 7 reasons why INFJs are amazing investigators.

1 We love puzzles and mysteries

INFJs love puzzles and mysteries. We love true crime documentaries and thriller movies that keep you guessing all the way until the end. We like the difficult stories that most people can’t figure out. We’re very good at seeing more information than most people see end noticing patterns that most people miss. Most of all, we like the thrill of the chase. we like the end zone and we’re always hoping that’s the story won’t be as predictable as most are.

This is one of the reasons that I loved the Tiger King documentary so much. Not because it was relatable or because the people featured in the documentary are any type of role models, but because the story was so wild and crazy that it was shocking and unbelievable, but also a refreshing twist on the predictable true crime documentaries that are a dime a dozen nowadays.

2 We see patterns and make connections easily

INFJs make amazing investigators because we see patterns that most people miss and we make connections that most people can’t make. We use our introverted intuition function and our extroverted feeling function to feel what other people are feeling and see things the way that they see them. With this information, we can easily see their patterns and realize what’s going on. Whether we are solving a crime or simply getting to the bottom of a situation at work oh, we are good at seeing the bigger picture of what’s going on as well as the details in everyone’s stories.

3 We can tell when someone is lying

We also make amazing investigators because we know when people are lying. We rely heavily on our intuition to help us read people, to know things about them that most people don’t know. Our intuition will give us a feeling about people, whether they’re trustworthy or not. Sometimes it’s simply a feeling that there’s more to the story than what we’ve been told. We don’t just take things at face value though. We will continue to question and investigate until we’re satisfied with the answer, whether it’s the answer that we like and want or not.

4 We won’t stop until we get what we’re looking for

These are great investigators because we are very determined. We won’t stop investigating until we get the answers that we’re looking for. We will go far above and beyond what most people will simply because we won’t give up. We have a bigger why that’s driving us which is usually a desire to help people. We will let that push us through a lot more work than most people will.

5 We are great at seeing all the sides to a problem

A lot of people brag about saying both sides of the problem. I don’t like the saying because a lot of times there are more than just two sides to a problem. I always say that I can see all sides to a problem because most problems affect a lot more people than most consider. Because of our extraverted feeling function, INFJs are great at considering everyone when looking at a problem. We consider everyone’s point of view and connect all of the information in the bigger picture.

6 We like to pick things apart

Not too long ago my mom was telling me that someone said something snarky to her and she said that she wished she would have had a comeback or something snarky to say in return. She said that she can never think as fast enough as I can. I laughed and told her that I have a trick. I think about things over and over and over again until I know exactly what to say. so when somebody says something snarky to me and I don’t have a come back I’ll think about it for dates or weeks or sometimes even months until I have just the perfect thing to say back. And the next time that it happens to me, which it always does, I know exactly what to say.

INFJs like to think about things, not only from all sides of the problem, but we also like to pick apart the idea or concept or problem. We look at it from the logical and rational side and we look at it in terms of feelings and emotions. We think about other people’s arguments and consider their responses to our arguments. We’ll pick it apart or days or months or until we’re satisfied that we’ve thought of everything.

7 We are dedicated to the cause

As we talked about in reason number for INFJs are very dedicated. We won’t stop until we get the answers that we’re looking for. We usually have a bigger cause that drives us. Our desire to help people is our purpose in life and we’re very dedicated to making that purpose of reality. We genuinely want to make the world a better place. We want to make other people’s lives easier and better. We will go far out of our way to make sure that we can help as much as possible. 

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1 Comment

Gillian Metcalfe
Gillian Metcalfe
Dec 12, 2022

So totally in agreement with you Sarah. I know my characteristics so well that I do not really need a diagnosis of my TYPE or an explanation of my TYPE. What I am enjoying reading your blogs, is the way in which you are trying to define our INFJ characteristics in relation to the day to day of life. I enjoy hearing myself being described and defined in the third person!! If someone can write me down on paper as a character as well as you can, then they must be a true INFJ like me. That is what I am looking for, other REAL INFJs! Well met Sarah.

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