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How Do You Know For Sure You’re an INFJ?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

A lot of people ask me how to know, for sure, for sure, if you are actually an INFJ. It seems like there are more people interested in the INFJ type recently because for some reason it has become trendy to be INFJ. It’s nice that there is more attention being drawn to the type, but it also leads to confusion. Everyone wants to be rare, but unfortunately, not everyone is actually rare.

Why do you need to know your personality type?

What’s the point of learning your personality type? Why is it so important? Well, there’s a few reasons actually. Let’s talk about a few of them…


One of the biggest things you can learn from knowing your personality type is how you communicate. Some types are clear and direct in communication, while others are more subtle and indirect. So if you are direct and your significant other is indirect, that can lead to a lot of conflict and confusion. But if you know that about yourself and your significant other, then you can find strategies to work around it without all the confusion and hurt feelings.

Relate to others

But it’s not just communication where knowing types comes in useful. It can be planning vacations and deciding where to eat dinner and looking to the future. Some type are all about the future and the details, while others are more in the present moment and less about the details. Knowing these things will help you to be more patient with the people in your life and more understanding as well.

Learn more about yourself

Learning about your own personality is incredibly important. It will help you find that understanding that you have always longed after. It will also help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses, so that you can work on those things that you aren’t so good at. But most importantly it will help you find more confidence and that all important sense of belonging.

How to determine your personality type

Take the test

The first step to figuring out your personality type, whether INFJ or other, is to take the test. You can take it here. It’s super easy to complete and only 4 questions.


Be honest with yourself

When you take the test make sure that you are honest with yourself. It only works if you are honest.

This can be a lot more difficult that what you might think. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of answering the test questions how we wish to be rather than how we actually are.

I am completely guilty of this. When I first took the test my results came back INTJ. I loved that result. I wanted to be that type who didn’t have to deal with all the feelings and didn’t care what people thought about me. It sounded great to me.

A while later I was explaining to my 13-year-old INTP niece how she had hurt someone’s feelings and how she could be more sensitive in the future. She totally called me out on how I am way more sensitive than she is and how I am ALWAYS concerned about feelings.

At first I was totally offended. I thought it was the worst thing in the world to be so emotional. I didn’t want AT ALL to be an F type. But the more I thought about it and the more I researched INFJs I realized she was totally right.

I went back to my original test and realized that the T/F was about 50/50. I took the test again, being super honest about everything, and again it was way more F.. This leads us to the next point…

Analyze the results

After you take the test, it’s important to look at the results. Any of your results that came back close to 50/50 are worth you taking a closer look at. Look at both of the possibilities, both of the potential personalities, and see which one fits you better.

Do some more research

The best way that you can determine your personality type is to do research. The test is just a starting point to get you close to the right place. For some people it’s spot on the first time and there is never any doubt.

For other people though, it’s a process of learning and being honest with yourself. It’s really thinking about each area of your life and how you respond to different situations. And sometimes it takes one of your closest friends to call you out on the fact that you are not being honest and you have to start all over again.


It’s very important for you to know your personality type. It can help you in so many areas from communicating with other people to knowing and valuing your own personality.

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