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You're just 30 days from your happiest life!


I spent most of 2020 sick with a respiratory virus that made my asthma go from barely noticeable to severe and uncontrolled. It took 8 doctors 12 months to figure this out. It was exhausting and terrifying to feel like I might die from something that no one could figure out.


Plus, add in the general trauma of 2020 with a deadly virus, isolation and fear... the last 2 years have been a lot to deal with.


It's easy to say, "I'm lucky to be alive" and "a lot of people had it worse." I get that. But I don't that it's right to ignore the pain and trauma that you experienced. It was bad and it's ok to say that. Your pain is valid. Your experience was real and it's ok to feel bad, even if some people had it worse.


I know that it takes me a while to deal with big feelings. I'm finally getting to the end of processing it all a year later. I realized this year, in 2021, that I was tired of feeling bad and it's finally time for me to prioritize my happiness.


That brought me to the next problem: what makes me happy? Where does happiness come from? Not overall happiness, but daily happiness or an overall feeling of joy?


My INFJ Happiness Project was the answer!


This book contains 30 days of simple, easy-to-complete tasks to help you feel happy in your everyday life. 

My INFJ Happiness Project

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