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Feb 17, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if any other INFJs feel uncomfortable when people try to make eye contact with you( for more than a few seconds)? Maybe it’s just me, but with prolonged eye contact, I feel uncomfortable and slightly violated in a way. I feel like that person is trying to get inside my head or into my soul even…it’s just creepy to me. I’m okay with eye contact with those I feel comfortable with and I know that it’s incredibly rude to not make eye contact when you’re speaking to someone, but to have someone talking to me and try to figure me out? Hell I can’t even figure myself out😆. Over the years my tolerance for eye contact has improved as it’s a necessary component of my job, but sometimes it can be uneasy for me. Maybe because we’re so involved with the safe and fascinating world we create in our minds that anyone who tries to interfere puts us on high alert? To me it feels like my guard is being let down and all my secrets are being exposed. I appreciate your thoughts and comments ❤️


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