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4 Reasons that INFJs are the Best Teachers

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

4 Reasons that INFJs are the Best Teachers

INFJs are amazing teachers, I would argue the best personality type to have as a teacher. We have an amazing intuition that helps us know what our students need and helps us determine if they are understanding what we’re saying. we genuinely want to help people and we put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that we are helping people the best way that we can. Let’s look at these reasons that INFJs are the best teachers in-depth more.

1. We can read what people need

INFJs Primary function is introverted intuition. That means that we take in a lot of information about people through our subconscious mind end process all of this information very quickly. this leaves us with the feeling that we just know things about people. We don’t know how we know them, but we’re confident in the knowing. This leads us to be able to read people very well. We know what they want and what they need sometimes before they do. When we’re teaching people something our intuition helps us to know how to teach that thing in the best way for this particular person. We think about what will help them the most and we present the information in a way that were positive they will understand.

2. We can tell if people understand what we’re saying

The next reason that we are so good at teaching is we used our intuition not only to know things about people in the beginning but we continue to use it as we’re teaching them. We pay a lot of attention to them and can tell if they’re understanding what we are saying and grasping the information that we are teaching. If they are not understanding we will adapt our teaching style so that they do understand. We put our students before ourselves and want them to get the most out of our efforts.

3. We think about the best way to teach things

INFJs Are great teachers because we put a lot of time and effort into our lessons. We think about the best way to teach things, whether it’s one-on-one learning or whether we are teaching a group of people. We want everyone to learn in the fastest and most efficient way possible. But we also want to make sure that each person feels seen and heard and understood. We are not going to rush through a lesson in order to meet a deadline. We understand that everyone learns things differently, at a different pace and through different means. Some people are visual while other people learn better through reading. Some people like to working groups While others prefer to work alone. We consider each person’s learning style and their personality when we are teaching. We want each person to have the best experience possible.

4. We genuinely want to help

The biggest reason why INFJs are the best teachers is that we genuinely want to help. We see it as our purpose in life to leave the world a better place than we found it. We know that people struggle because we ourselves have struggled. we know that we can help people who are struggling with the things that we have gone through in the past and we see it as our duty in life to help ease the suffering of others. We have a bit of a savior complex, but we are realistic enough to know that you can only save the people who want to be helped. so we show up to help the people who want our help and who need it the most. We are here to save the world we enjoy this process immensely.

The best

INFJs strive to be the best in everything we do and we long to help those who are in need. When you combine the feeling of being called and the consideration we have for others, you have a wicked combination for the best teacher possible!

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