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Self-Care Ideas for INFJ Women

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

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Also called the Counselor or the Advocate, INFJs (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) are one of the rarest personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Typically idealistic, you imagine a happier and more perfect future and pursue it by taking positive action in the present. Also, you are sensitive and selective about sharing your intimate thoughts and feelings. You are creative and dedicated with a strong sense of personal integrity and a talent for helping others solve their personal problems. Deeply empathetic, INFJs like you often understand others better than yourselves, and as a result, you are more likely to experience anxiety and stress. You can be provoked by too much sensory stimuli, unexpected interruptions, structured environments, or conflicts in close relationships. That is why as introverts, you need to make time to be at peace with yourself and practice self-care. As an INFJ woman, how can you take care of yourself and maintain your well-being?

Create a calm environment

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Interruptions in your usual habits or environments are greatly unsettling because then you cannot fully rely on your intuition to deal with them. This may lead to you fixating on minute details or attempting to control what is around you, causing greater stress. To restore a feeling of balance, minimize the sensory stimuli and engage your senses. Do whatever makes you aware of your body and calms you down. Dim the lights, open a window, light candles. Meditate for a few minutes then take a warm, relaxing bath. You can also write down your feelings, or simply relax while listening to music. If time and weather permit, you can opt to go for a walk, swim in the ocean, or read on a beach.

Watch television shows and movies

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Sometimes, having an overly active mind that consistently asks, speaks, and answers is tiring. To escape from that, you can watch (and rewatch) television shows and movies that do not consume too much of your mental power or that pique your interest long enough to be distracted from your own thoughts. Genres include reality shows, romantic comedies, coming-of-age stories, or sitcoms. Fellow INFJs recommend watching The Good Place, Mindhunter, The OA, and The Queen’s Gambit as you take your well-deserved mental break.

Engage in self-pleasure

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Despite being introverted, INFJs are the least likely among the personality types to pleasure themselves. While that may be true, Lauren White, an INFJ sexologist, argues that INFJs are deeply sexual, with a high interest in sex and sexual fantasies. However, they do not easily open up to people, especially when it comes to sexual relations, and they will only be with someone they fully trust. That is why it will be good for you to relax and explore your sexual energy on your own, especially if you have not yet found someone you feel comfortable with. Besides, there are plenty of benefits to self-pleasure, which includes stress relief, improved sleep, and physical exercise! Depending on which you prefer, you can try to get to know yourself better au naturel or with the help of toys. You can see and experiment which works for you best in your me-time. Because you are naturally compassionate, you tend to involve yourself in other people’s problems and attempt to carry their burden. This will inevitably burn you out in the long run. Remember that you are not less of a friend or a family member if you decide to take a break and focus on yourself from time to time. After all, taking care of yourself will even recharge you as go back to being the best INFJ woman you can be!

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