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The Easiest Way to Find Your Purpose as an INFJ

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I’ve always wanted to live a life full of meaning and purpose. It’s been at the front of my mind since I was in high school. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the world a better place, to live up to my full potential, to do something big and meaningful.

I spent a lot of years frustrated because I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world, but I didn’t know what that difference was. I felt lost and confused most of the time. Everything that I came up with to do felt selfish and so not enough. How was I supposed to change the world if I didn’t have any money and didn’t even know where to start? I found myself in a deep depression, unable to do anything at all. Sleep was my only savior.

“I love to sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake.” Ernest Hemmingway

Everything changed for me when I found my personality type. I started to understand myself better, including my desire to make the world a better place, to live a life full of meaning.

High standards

INFJs have high standards for ourselves. We know that we are capable of doing a lot and we push ourselves to accomplish many things. We have a grand vision for what our life will look like and we’re more than capable of figuring out a plan to match our reality with that dream. Most of us don’t always know what the dream is though. We struggle to figure out how we can make a difference and help others while being true to ourselves and being comfortable with the work we’re doing.

Not everyone was born to be a motivational speaker like Tony Robbins. Some of us are more equipt to write a blog or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Not everyone is comfortable taking on politics in Washington DC or being in front of a camera sharing their views about the world. Some of us were designed to touch people individually through one-on-one counseling or coffee with friends. You don’t have to be extroverted and well-known to make a big impact on someone’s life. You don’t have to have a million followers or views to make the world a better place. You only have to help one person. That’s it.

The easiest way to find your purpose

I’ve tried a lot of things to find my purpose in life. Now I know what it is, I’m still constantly testing it, wondering if there’s more that I can do. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the three things that have helped me the most in my journey.

Tune into your intuition

INFJs have a very strong intuition. If we will slow down and listen to it, it will tell us everything that we need to know. But we’re not always capable of knowing when we need to slow down or when we’re pushing for something too hard. When you’re feeling lost and confused about what to do, take some time to reconnect with your intuition. Take some time for yourself, be still and listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Reconnecting to my intuition is sometimes a process. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking for a sign. Sometimes meditation is the answer. Other times it’s journaling to get all of my thoughts out of my head. Most of the time it’s a combination of things.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to reconnect with your INFJ intuition, check out my Tune Into Your Intuition Challenge here.

Morning pages

There is a famous book that a lot of people talk about called, “The Artists Way.” There are good and not so great suggestions in the book, but one thing I really like is called morning pages. In this practice, you take 30 minutes every morning and write. Don’t think, just write. You can write about anything that you’re thinking about: ideas, frustrations, your life, your problems… whatever comes to mind.

Writing every day is supposed to promote creativity and action. Plus, a lot of INFJs don’t even know how we feel about something until we write it down or talk to someone about it. So it will help you organize your thoughts too. You’ll be inspired to release your fears, stop complaining and start working on your dreams. And you’ll find clarity on what your purpose in life really is and how you can take action now.

When you sit down to write today, start with this question: what do I really want?

Get support

Part of being an INFJ is wanting to be alone most of the time. I have this idea that I can figure out everything by myself because I’m smart and capable. It’s an idea that has held me back a lot. While I am smart and capable, sometimes it takes me a long time to figure something out. With nearly 8 billion people in the world, surely there is someone out there who has been through the same things that I’m going through and can offer me some really good advice that would help me find a solution faster and more efficiently. The problem is that I struggle to ask for help. I don’t want to admit that I need help.

Once I realized that I had this problem, it seemed silly to continue on this way. I need help and that’s ok. It’s so much easier to look for someone who has been where you are and ask for advice on what to do next. Learn from their mistakes and take the shortcut to get your problem solved.

I want to help you with your problems too. That’s why I write this blog and why I have a podcast. I want to share my experiences so that your journey will be as easy as possible. There are so many things that have helped me nail down what my purpose in life is and have given me hope, meaning and direction in my life, that I want to share them all with you. It’s difficult to pack them into a blog post or a podcast episode, so I put them all in a challenge instead. They’re organized in a way that will help you determine your purpose in life quickly and make a plan to put your purpose to action now. You can get all of the details here.

If you’re still confused about what your purpose in life is, you NEED this challenge. It’s the answer you’ve been looking for!

More resources for finding your purpose:

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