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The Ideal Partner Type for an INFJ

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

What is the best type match for the INFJ?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question. There are so many theories out there as well. You can find one to fit whatever you want it to be. Let’s go through some of those theories.

Opposites attract

The most generally accepted theory is that opposites attract. For the INFJ this would be an ESTP. That would mean our introverted, future-focused, feeling all the feelings selves would be paired with a loud, present-minded, logical and spontaneous adventure. (can you tell I’m cringing just writing this)

It’s completely up to you whether or not you are open to that particular adventure. I want to cry just thinking about it. Don’t send me messages about how much you love your ESTP, this is just my opinion.

Some people suggest someone who isn’t quite so opposite like an ENFJ or an ENTP, as long as they have the extrovert part down. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to this situation. The biggest benefit and drawback is the extroverted thing. Extroverts will push introverts out of their comfort zone, but at the same time they may not understand and appreciate our need to recharge. And in the grand scheme of things, that could end up being a big thing. It’s all about what you want.


Some theories say that the same personality type works well together. This could be hard for INFJs to find another INFJ because we are so rare. Although, we do have a community of them here, so it’s a lot easier these days.

The advantage of being with another INFJ is that you would understand each other so well. But the disadvantage is that you both probably have the same or at least similar weaknesses. When neither one of you wants to make a phone call or go to the grocery store because people, how does anything get done?



Oh so close

I heard another theory recently that makes a lot of sense to me. This theory says that your best match is only one off of your personality type based on the chart below. For the INFJ that means the best matches are INTP, ENFJ and INFP.

For the INFJ that means the best matches are INTP, ENFJ and INFP. I happen to love this theory actually, but we’ll get to that later.

When you have only one or two letters off of your type still have a lot in common and a lot that works. You will still get a lot of understanding, but enough difference to keep things interesting.

My niece is an INTP and we get along really well. We are both introverted and intuitive which gives us many similarities. But we think and feel things differently and we process things differently. It’s a good balance of being similar but different. There’s a lot of understanding there as well.

I also have a friend who is ENFJ, who I love. She has a lot of energy and excitement and is always ready to get things done. She’ll just pick up the phone to make a call or even walk right up to someone and start talking… someone she doesn’t even know and has no obligation to talk to! It’s fascinating to watch and a little horrifying. I adore her, but only in small doses.

Just be healthy

A lot of people will tell you that any two types can be together as long as they’re both healthy. I’m sure that’s true, though I have yet to find anyone who’s really healthy, myself included.

I know that relationships are all about the work and effort that you put into them, but I also know that some are just naturally easier than others. Why not give yourself every advantage you can for such an important decision?

My own theory

I know you’ve been waiting, so here goes. I’m very partial to INFPs. I have this dream, that I’m manifesting right now, that I’m going to meet an INFP who is ready and willing and available for a relationship. Can you hear me universe?? I’m waiting… not so patiently!

Here’s my thought process: INFPs are introverted, so no forced social gatherings on the regular. They are intuitive, so bring on all the deep conversations about life and meaning and depth. They also read between the lines and just know things, like we do. Also, they have all the feels too. This could get touchy, I admit. It’s not a perfect plan, but that’s what makes it real.

Then there’s that last letter that makes all the difference. They are the spontaneity to our planning and the mess to our organization. They are also the rainbows and lightness to our dark and heavy. They can lift us up to see the good in things and people, but also sit with us in the peaceful calm, just being alone… together. Can you see the hearts in my eyes? Doesn’t it sound like heaven? *sigh*

The real truth

Ok, so in the end I have to go back and say that any type can work with any type. I really do believe that, even though I’m convinced I need an INFP. The key is the healthy part. And it’s up to you to work on your weaknesses continually so that you can get to a healthy place. Any relationship will require work, maturity and communication, no matter what theory you buy into.

What about you? What types have you dated and what’s your experience?

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Gillian Metcalfe
Gillian Metcalfe
Dec 15, 2022

I have just written today on my blogspot mentioning one of the few guys that I have had a quality relationship with. He was absolutely INFJ. I would say that INFJ only will do me but of course, what is crucial is that as two INFJs, you share the same passions and interests. I want a soul mate. I want a partner in life. Not just to go home to and spend a few hours in the evening. For me personally, I do not want the E, I absolutely do not want the S, I do not want the T and would always prefer a J. I am with an ISTJ. I cannot see how to formally end a relationship…


Min Hara
Min Hara
Apr 15, 2022

For me I'll go with intp I have always been intrigued by their logical way of thinking and their honesty. And what I like the most is their inferior Fe function.

As a feeler I caught myself being driven by emotions a lot so I'm not a fan of having a feeler partner it'd makes too much drama without actually getting anything done.

Intps always makes you go back to the right way and clarify your vision

And I insist of them having a Fe and not a Fi function which make them serve the best as both friends and lovers.

I used to like having an ENTP partner but I guess I'm just too tired and so done with…


Hi, readers.

I would just like to advise you all, don’t be so focused on the meaning of the individual letters of the Myers Briggs personality types - it’s not the letters of the personality type per se, but actually the FUNCTION STACK of the personality type, that tells the story.

The best match for an INFJ is an ENFP - not only do they (together) share all eight functions, but each of the functions, from dominant to inferior, is aligned with its complimentary counterpart. This results in what is known as ‘the golden pairing’.

Relationships are extremely important to me…I’ve never wanted to be a genius at music or mathematics or medicine - I’ve wanted to be…

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